Best Teen hairstyle tutorials with easy steps

If you are a teenager girl and looking for best teen hairstyles tutorials than you are on the right page, Here we will share with you easy and quick made hairstyles for medium and long hairs. In this article, you will read step by step instruction to try these hairstyles on your hairs. so without wasting anymore, time lets start doing experimenting..

The Half Lace Up Rose hairstyle Tutorial

If you want to make a hairstyle for your date night or for a valentine night. This lace-up rose hairstyle is a perfect hairstyle for a romantic hangout. This is most easy to do and quick hairstyle that you can make it in 20 minutes. Follow these step by step tutorial to make it done or you can also take help with image instructions too.


Here is step by step instructions to make this Hairstyle

  • First, you have to comb well your hairs to make them tangle free. Now divide your hairs into two parts and make the separate partition of them.
  • Use a tail comb for backcombing for the middle section of your hairs as shown in step 1
  • Now secure the middle section of your hair with a help of a pin, so that you can easily handle your left and right side hairs or see step 2
  • Now make a normal dutch braid by dividing a portion into three parts same as in step 3
  • Now continue adding a little bit of hair from the top section on every third turn but don’t use hairs from the bottom and this will help you for the beautiful lace braid as shown in step 4
  • Now keep braiding downwards initially and then turn it back slowly, while you continue adding a small section at the top of the braid every time.
    Stop adding hair when you reached the back of your head and just braid it till the end, now tie up the braid with elastic bands same as step 5.
  • Now repeat the same processor for making another side braid. when your both braids are done, fluff them up by tucking on the sides same as step 6.
  • Loose up your braids a little like shown in step 7.
  • Now take one braid and roll it up in a flower or round shape and then secure it nicely with bobby pins. Wrap the second braid around the first one. See step 8 and 9
  • And you’re ready to go! To get a more Romantic look, curl up your rest hairs by using heat curling rod.

step by step tutorial of lace up rose hairstyle

Celtic Knot Half Updo Hairstyle

Celtic knot half updo hairstyle

Make this Celtic knot half do hairstyle with straight hairs or with some curls for more romantic looks. It goes with both kinds of hairs for any occasion. Whether you are going to a wedding party or going to your office. This is very simple and also easy to do hairstyle. So let’s begin with step by step instructions.

Step by step instructions to get this hairstyle

  • Pick up two pieces of hair, from both sides. Make sure they are long enough to create the knot.
  • Make a loop with one of the pieces of hair. Take the other piece of hair and cross it over to the other side.
  • Pull the hair under the looped strand. Now pull the hair through the loop as shown in the picture.
  • And thread it under the strand on the other side. Now pull the hair through the loop again as shown in the picture.
  • Pull on the ends of the two pieces of hair and you will see the Celtic knot take its shape. Pull on it to make it even and if you want more volume in it.
  • If you have shorter hair or if you’re worried it won’t hold all day, secure the knot with some bobby pins.

celtic knot half updo hairstyle

And here your Celtic knot half updo hairstyle is done.

Bow-Hairstyle for a quick occasion


A bow hairstyle is a chic style that looks really impressive and a very simple hairstyle to do. Maybe you have seen Lady Gaga with this hairstyle earlier. You can make a hair bow by using your entire hairs. This is the basic style and pulls all of your hair up into the bow, but you can also try a half-up bow as well! In this step by step tutorial, we will share with you anew style bow which you can make with braid. It looks more attractive than a basic bow. So here is the step by step guide for you.

Step by step Instructions for making a bow hairstyle

  • This hairstyle is easier for straight hair, but you can still do it on wavy or curly hair too. For curly or wavy hairs you have to straighten your hairs first for doing this hairstyle.
  • Comb well your hairs before start doing a bow hairstyle. This hairstyle a little bit different cause it starts from the back side.
  • Pull back your hairs in the front side and start braiding a french braid. Use a hair fixer spray for a clean look bow hairstyle.
  • Continue to braid with all hairs until you reach with the middle section of your head. Tie up your Braid with using a hair band. Now make a loop of your ponytail as shown in the image.
  • Divide the loop section into two equal parts and wrap around with you rest section using end hairs of your ponytail just like shown in the image below.
  • Now tie up your bow with rest of the hairs of your ponytail and secure it with bob pins for longe


Half up Fishtail braid hairstyle

half up fishtail braid hairstyle

Fishtail Braid is easy to do and give an elegant look to your hairstyle. you can make a half or a full-length hairstyle as it all up to your choice. In our step by step tutorial, we will make a half up fishtail braid hairstyle which is easy to do and you can do it with less than 10 minutes.

Step by step instruction for making half-up fishtail hairstyle

  • All you have to brush well your hair and tie up them with using an elastic band.
  • Now separate hair to start braiding a fishtail braid by following the image.
  • Continue doing a tight fishtail braid until you reach your desired length.
  • After braiding a normal fishtail braid you have to secure it with an elastic band.
  • To complete your look generously pulled apart your braid until it gave a thicker appearance.


Easy and quick Twisted Bun hairstyle

Twisted bun hairstyle1

Twisted bun Hairstyle is very easy and quick hairstyle. Bun hairstyle looks casual and you can carry a bun for wedding parties as well.

Here is the step by step instructions for a twisted bun

  • First comb your hair well. and divide them into 2 equal parts as showing in step 2
  • Now make a twist as shown in step 3
  • Take an upper section and wrap around it as like bun and secure it with using bob pin.
  • Now take another section and wrap it around with your bun and secure it tightly with bob pin.
  • You can make your bun more beautiful by using extra accessories around it.

Twisted bun hairstyle step by step

Half Up boho braids Hairstyle

half up boho braids hairstyle

This hairstyle looks good with half-open wavy hairs. If you have a good length of hairs with natural wave than you can make this quick and easy hairstyle without making any great efforts. Half boho hairstyle looks good for casual or party looks with formal and non-formal dresses.

Half up Boho braids Hairstyle step by step tutorial

  • Just divide your hairs in 2 section. Now starting from the front section tie up your hairs from the elastic band as shown in the image.
  • Now make roughly bun with tied hairs and secure it with bob pin.
  • Start making a braid with 3 small section from the side of your bun.
  • Continue making till the end and secure this with another elastic band in the end. This braid is optional if you don’t want to make any braid leave it as half boho bun hairstyle it also looks good.

half up boho bun hairstyle step by step

Braided Flower Crown Hairstyle

Braided flower crown hairstyle

Braided flower crown hairstyle looks decent on a wedding or party night. This hairstyle is easy to carry and you can make these flowers in a very easy way. This hairstyle looks good on medium and long length of hairstyle.

Braided Flower Crown hairstyle step by step

  • Comb your hair and make them tangle free. Now divide your front hairs in three section.
  • Now you have to make a normal braid of each part.
  • after making braids Pull-ups each braid as shown in image 2
  • Now start making a bun of each braid as shown in image 3 to get a perfect flower looks.
  • Secure your flower with using bob pins and leave the rest of hairs free.

braided flower hairstyle step by step

Twisted Hairstyle for Teenage Girls

Twisted hairstyle

This is not particular for teenage girls. You can carry this hairstyle at any age or for any occasion. The twisted hairstyle is so easy and quick that you can make this hairstyle in less than 5 minutes. So what all you need in your last moments. try this hairstyle for a quick look.

  • All you have well-combed hairs for this hairstyle.
  • Divide your hairs in 2 section as shown in the image. Side partition will be good for this hairstyle
  • Start twisting your hairs from the side where you have fewer hairs and keep rolling with taking hairs on every step.
  • Secure it back with bob pin. Follow the same for another side.
  • You will be ready in less than 5 minutes with this quick hairstyle.

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