Business Casual Dress, Extend Your Professionalism

business casual dressHow Business casual Dress extend your Professionalism?

Business casual apparel should be less formal than traditional business clothing but still professional enough to be office convenient. There are so many options for Men and Women but still, we can say that women have more choice to choose every day for a casual dress than men. For men, this generally means a button down shirt, slacks, and dress shoes. For women, this generally means slacks or a skirt, a button-down shirt or blouse, and closed-toe shoes and a bodycon dress.

what to wear for menBusiness Casual means for Men

Well, we can easily say business casual is probably easier to figure out for men than for women. There are some basics for men in business casual include a long-sleeved button-down shirt, pants, socks, and dress shoes.

Here are some example for men:

Tops: short-sleeved button-down shirts ideally in fair-minded colors, you should avoid printed shirts while dressing up for office
Bottoms: semi-formal pants, Trousers, dark jeans – ideally when wearing the blazer
Shoes: vintage dark leather shoes, tie-up shoes, swanky loafers
Kindly Avoid: sandals, boots, boat shoes with office casual look

dress codes for men

business casual for women

Business Casual Mean for Women

A combination of skirt or slacks paired with a button-down blouse can go for a business casual dress for women. A simple jacket or blazer can be added with a simple sheath dress to complete the look for dressier occasions. Shoes should ideally be closed-toe, but women also can wear open-toe shoes with heels.
Fewer examples of the types of clothing women can use to mix and match with their business casual outfit:

Tops: wrap-around cotton blouses, tops with dressy but decent necklines, Fashionable sleeveless shirts, turtle-necks, sheath dresses in cool and solid colors
Bottoms: pencil-cut skirts, knee-length skirts, dress pants, Culotes, and trouser pants will also a perfect match for button-down shirts
Shoes: open-toed heels, stilettos, pumps, kitten heels
Kindly Avoid : strappy flat sandals, ballet flats, denim, pants with bold prints and bright colors, spaghetti straps when you dress up for your work.

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