Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes- Undemanding Tricks to be in Demand

brown eyed

The Best Eye Shadow Colours for Brown Eyes

This article is totally based for Brown eyed babes, If you have brown eyes, you’re in luck: It’s the most versatile color of the bunch, meaning you can pull off just about any eyeshadow color. we have some really beautiful handpicked eyeshadows colors suggestions which look best on you. Well, brown is a neutral color itself. so, almost any color will make them pop.
Here We are sharing some pictures of each eyeshadow color on brown eyes. Find out which eyeshadow color is best for you from listed below.

Orange with High contrast Yellow Eyeshadow Look

ellow orange eye shadow look

This sunset look could be your favorite too if you have brown eyes. For this look, you need 2 bright colors orange and yellow. Highlight your eyeshadow by using Black liquid Cat eyeliner and just curl up your eyelashes with help of mascara.

Silver Gold Eyeshadow Look

silver gold eyeshadow look


The Silver good combination of eyeshadow look is looking on hazel brown eyes, you can give it a try for normal brown eyes, I think silver is a universal color which works on all colored eyes. Just be careful wearing silver under the lower lashline if you have dark circles under your eyes, as this can enhance them slightly.

Green and silver Eyeshadow Look

green eye look

Green eyeshadow color looks amazing on brown eyes. Go with green or teal green both will look cool and enhance your brown eyes. You can wear this color, to give a vibrant look for your eyes.

Brown Eyeshadow Look

brown eye make up

Brown Eyeshadow for Brown eyes could be a great choice from your shadow palette. Cause Brown is a neutral color and it amazingly looks super cool with brown eyes. So on your next party night go with this Neutral eye makeup look.

Blue Eyeshadow look

blue eye shadow look

Wearing a royal blue eyeshadow gives you a royal look for any party, Blue is always an eye-catching color which attracts people easily. Use Blue Eyeshadow along the lashline, it looks amazing on brown eyes. The coolness of the blue contrasts is the warm black which is making it brighter.

Plum Eye Shadow Look

Plum Eye shadow look

This Eyeshadow Look is my favorite look for brown eyes, we named it Plum eyeshadow look cause of its pink and brown shades combination. You can wear this look during the autumn season cause of the earthy feeling of this color.

Some Tips For Brown Eyes while Using Eyeshadow

  • To make your eye color pop, wear purple or teal as these are contrasting colors to brown.
  • Silvers and blues can look beautiful too, but be careful wearing them under the lower lashline as they can enhance any dark circles under your eyes
  • Brown eyeshadow tends to blend in with brown eyes, so wear more of a silver-brown or even peach.

Go ahead and give it a try now. We hope that you will definitely look beautiful. All you just need to create the best eye Make up for your beautiful brown eyes


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