Get Heroic Ideas For Winter Bridesmaid Dresses


Colors play a very important role in your wedding, and this is definitely the case when picking dresses, flowers, and the important features of your big day. Everything needs to complement each other, and that’s why shopping around for winter wedding bridesmaids dresses is important. You need to find something that works with you and your dress, but also that works with the rest of the big day. It can be difficult to put the two side by side sometimes.

If you’re on the hunt for styles of bridesmaids dresses that are elegant, modern, unique and yet still beautiful for a winter wedding, here are few suggestions you should definitely take a peek at.

Green bridesmaid dress with long sleeve

winter Bridesmaid

Courtesy of Bellabridal

Long sleeves dress looks beautiful and when it comes to the occasion of your friend’s wedding you will come in a super look when you will try this green long sleeve dress

Black sequins work bridesmaid dress + black cover ups

Winter Bridesmaid 1

Courtesy of Insidewedding

Black is quite a controlling and powerful look, and it’s often not used for winter wedding bridesmaids dresses because of that. It’s quite a mysterious shade to go for, but an elegant one nevertheless, almost taking on a black-tie effect formal look, rather than a traditional wedding.

Adorable Gray bridesmaid Dress with Pink cover-ups

winter bridesmaid 2

courtesy of blogyourwaytoantarctica

Cozy Pink cover-ups go with pretty much everything. That’s what we reckon anyway. You could have the bridesmaids at your wedding pick their own shade of gray with dresses such as these, and this is guaranteed to make everyone happy.

Long sleeve Blue Bridesmaid dresses


courtesy of blue bridesmaid dresses

This long sleeve blue bridesmaids bodycon dress looks elegant when it will wear with a ballerina or a pencil heel, give it a try in your upcoming winter season

Red Bridesmaid dress with soft white furs on the shoulder

bridesmaid 1

Courtesy of women’s style

Red is such a beautiful colour which defines love and warmness and when it comes to wedding day colors also. It’s a very stimulating and warm color and one that definitely brings about high energy.

Black bridesmaid dress with gray knit cover-ups


Courtesy of wedding wire

Black and grey work really well together, which might give you more options to pick from when it comes to those big cover-ups the girls will need when standing around in the cold with you. You might have wanted to go with white or to match the shade of your dress, but if you’re struggling to make that work this grey shade works really well. Just as these beautiful bridesmaids with their bride proudly show.


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