Hairstyles for Oval Faces-Easy Modes, Classic Looks

Girl! you are lucky enough if you blessed with an oval shape face, cause this is the most Versatile shape, which suits almost every cuts and hairstyle. Many women blessed with different face shapes—square, long, round, and heart—get haircuts that will give the illusion that they have an oval face.
With an oval face, you can wear almost any hairstyle. No matter the length of your cut, you’ll look best with layers near your cheekbones, lips, or chin. Essentially, you can choose whichever feature you want to highlight. But, yes some styles are more favorable than others, so give these trendy look a try for a complimentary look.

Natural Curls:

Natural curl is always the part of a trend, wearing Natural curl hairstyle will always put you on top trending. You can consult with your stylist or hair expert and get a cut that will make your curls look their best for an oval shape. All you have to learn, how to care for and style your natural gorgeous look

Mesmerizing Layers Look:

Are you nervous to experiment with bangs? Don’t be. If you have an oval-shaped face, and your hair is straight and one length, the face will look significantly narrower. there aren’t many bang options that won’t flawlessly flatter your face. Although, according to an expert, side bangs are your best bet in terms of framing the face and bringing attention to your eyes. Adding even the slightest of layers fills out the jawline

A Cool Pixie Look:

A Cool pixie is a great option for women of all ages. With an oval face, you can afford to go short, even super short.
The Cool pixie can be sexy, cute, Funky or sophisticated to match your personality. If you leave your bangs longer, you’ll be able to style your pixie in a variety of ways.
This cut works best on women with naturally wavy, and thick hair. It also works on women with straight hair. You might want to avoid going this short If you are really tall. Though Going with a little more length will also balance out your height.

Looks with Full Long Layers:

This Look features Full long layers which kept the hair nice and full. Even this is my favorite hairstyle and My favorite part of this look is how silky, sleek, smooth and shiny it is. You can recreate this look with Morrocan oil, Pureology leave in conditioner and blow dry cream

Between Chin and Shoulder Length:

If you’re not ready to go short or to take the plunge, deal with a shoulder-length style or one that is somewhere between chin and shoulder-length.
The virtuality of this cut cannot be understated. You can part it off to the side or right down the center for a little more volume. Soften it up with curls or style it straight for a shiny look. It can be styled for any occasion.

The Shoulder-Length Waves:

How many celebrities cut off their long hair into, a pixie or a bob, but long hair will always be popular. The best part is that long hair looks great on most oval face shapes. All you have to do is to not grow hair too long or it will draw the face down, making it appear longer.
A beautiful Hairstyle like this that falls gently on and around the shoulders is great. The gentle wavy curls are stunning and the side part with side-swept bangs is very flattering.

The Beautiful Shag Look :

The beautiful shag hairstyle doesn’t feature a mullet and shouldn’t remind you of the 80s retro look. What the shags have in common with those hairstyles of the past are mussiness, choppy ends, and layering. The beautiful shag, however, isn’t entirely as layered.
This look is very modern, fresh and, quite frankly, would look great on any face shape. The cut is choppy and it’s perfect if you let your hair dry with a bit of wave in it. To get that mussy, choppy look, you’ll want to use a salt spray or texturizing spray and scrunch your hair as it dries.

Looks with Bangs:

If you want to change your look without making any drastic change, Bangs is the great option for you. Bangs are very helpful to highlight your beautiful eyes
Any type of Bangs can get away with oval faces. Whether you’re interested in side-swept bangs, brow-skimming bangs, Heavy bangs or short bangs, all will work for this shape.
But Make sure that your bangs aren’t too short. you can make best bangs by doing brow-skimming and a bit longer on the ends than in the middle. You can also consider long, side-swept bangs, which can hide a high forehead while showing off your eyes.

Celebrity Layers:

Most Popular Haircut for long hairs is long layers. This is a great hairstyle for long hair that has big, natural waves. It is soft and sophisticated, cute and sexy all rolled into one This is the Perfect balance of weight and movement. Go Retro with lots of volume and beautiful flowing waves.

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