Haryana’s girl Nishtha Dudeja wins Miss Deaf Asia 2018 in the Czech Republic

Nishtha Dudeja from Haryana has overtaken Miss Deaf Asia 2018 title from the contestants of 24 countries. She cannot hear without the machine but she did not give up. she achieved her success in the strength of diligence.

Nishtha dudeja

The First ever Indian won MISS DEAF ASIA 2018

Ved Prakash Dudeja, father of Nishtha is the Chief Engineer in Northern Railway. He credits to his wife Poonam Dudeja behind the success of Nishtha. He says that the hard work and dedication of her mother has given her the new identification on the world screen.

Nishtha Dudeja

Participants from 45 countries participated in the ‘Miss Deaf World 2018’ contest held in the Czech Republic. There were 24 contestants left in the final round. Miss and Mr. World, Europe Asia was selected in the competition. These participants included from countries like China, Taiwan, Thailand etc. In these countries, children are given technical training from the beginning, yet Nishta won the title on the strength of her talent.

Nishtha dudeja with parents
Nishta’s Father Ved Prakash told that Nishta couldn’t hear since her birth. We came to know it when she was three years old. After came back from Guwahati we went to AIIMS for her treatment. The doctors explained to us and then put the ear listening machine in her ears, which made her very happy. We also decided to keep her always happy. There she started a long journey of her training, which is difficult to say in words.

Nishtha dudeja

As a parent, we read and trained from everywhere to teach her. Her Mother Poonam says- There is no answer to the allegiance of Nishtha. She often heard taunts and insults from people, but every time she made the power of negativity. Father Ved Prakash says that the government should make the necessary arrangements for such children.


No sympathy, but should be equality: Nishtha

I prepared two years for this competition. My parents were training me since my childhood. I got the kind of knowledge and personality for such competitions from the family. Apart from this, to become Miss Deaf Asia, I also learned to dance, make-up and walk on the ramps. I won the title of Miss Deaf India in February this year. Whenever I went out of the country, children like us get respect and equality. Instead of sympathy, they give more opportunities to the children like us. There should also be a change in the level of thinking in our country.

Nishtha dudejaa

Learned speech in seven years from speech therapy
Ved Prakash said that Nishtha taught to speak through speech therapy for seven years. Now she keeps her point in the right way. She has a Good catch in English and Hindi language. After transferred from Guwahati, we started teaching her here. We taught her through the special trainer or with the help of internet. And for this, we too learned a lot. Now I can say that if these children are treated better then they can prove to be very talented.

Nishtha dudeja at World Deaf Tennis Championship

– read up to tenth in the central school Gol market
– studied in 11th-12th Ambience Public School
– 93 percent in Hindi and English in 12th
– BCom from Venkateshwara College
-Tennis Player at the international level
– Trained Judo at the age of seven years
– now a student of MA Economics, from Mithi Bai College, Mumbai.

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