How to get Rid of oily skin in Easy steps?

oily skin imageOily Skin

If anyone has Oily skin probably they don’t like it. Due to oily skin, your T-zone is shiny and become oily within a few hours after cleansing. Oily skin is prone to enlarged pores, blackheads, and acne. Hormones, genes, stress and dietary choices lead to oily skin. You should keep your oily skin always clean to avoid such oils from your face
Oily skin can be a frustration for you sometime.
But, we found out some tips to get rid of it or at least you can minimize that factors which lead to increased oiliness.

Let’s start with some Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Oily Skin

facepack home remedy

Home remedies are a money and time-saving option for you. As well as you can do it at any time when staying home. They are made of natural ingredients we all have in our household. They are cheap and healthy. When you’re making your own skin care product, you know exactly what you put in it and you’re sure there aren’t any chemicals. Check our home remedies for oily skin.

Use Oil Free Primer and Foundation


Always Apply oil-free Primer before you apply Foundation to make your skin shine-free and smoother for a longer time. The ideal primer should be oil-absorbing and oil-free yet non-drying and nourishing. To stay matte and fresh, you’ll also need a foundation for oily skin.

Take a diet with high essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

antioxidant diet

Healthy Food which is rich in fat is, soybean salmon cauliflower tofu sardines walnuts shrimp and flax seeds.
Antioxidants Foods are Plum, prune sweet cherry, red beans and all kind of berries such as strawberry raspberry and blackberry.

Avoid foods which have fats.

avoid fatty foods

Burgers, Chicken, french fries, and other unhealthy fats can cause overly oily skin. Our body needs the quality and healthy fat. Fat foods that are good for you and your skin are avocados, eggs, olive oil, nuts, nut butter, and fatty fish.

Clean your face on Regular Basis

face cleaning

Clean your face twice daily with a foaming or gel-based cleanser. Soap isn’t good for oily skin because it can over-strip your skin and cause more oiliness. Always use an oil-free moisturizer, sunscreen with an SPF (at least 15 and more) and alcohol-free toner.

Dont forget to Exfoliate your skin.

exfoliate skin

Exfoliation is necessary for our skin. Exfoliate at least 2 to 3 times per week with a gentle scrub. Exfoliation will help even the skin tone and prevent skin breakouts.

Drink Water

drinking water

Our body and skin need water to stay saturate and hydrate. Properly hydrated skin will consequently slow down your Oil production. Remember to drink plenty of water!

No Stress

no stress

Stress can lead to hair loss, brittle nails and dermatologic problems. Scientists are still investigating the link between skin and stress. Though, some studies have shown that oily skin is influenced by stress hormones.

Do Exercise

do exercise

Exercising promotes healthy circulation which helps keep your skin vibrant and healthy.
Exercise has also help us to reduce stress.
Start exercising for Healthy skin from today.

At last a dermatologist.

consult a dermatologist

If you’re struggling with oily skin and nothing can help you, see what your dermatologist recommends. Consultation with a dermatologist can give you the right guidance according to your skin.

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