How to Put Best Eye Liner on Eyes

Every girl has a dream to get a perfect cat eyeliner or winged eyeliner. But everyone is not fleek or pro to put the best eyeliner on eyes. Knowing how to apply the eyeliner is one of the basics of makeup, so if you love makeup, you eventually learn how to do it. A little more practice can make you a pro. Try our step by step tutorial to put best eyeliner on eyes


All liners now come with the waterproof and smudge-proof formula. There are 3 types of liner available in the market.

1 Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliners are favorite for every cat eye makeup lover due to their rich, smooth application, long-lasting wear, and often dramatic color payoff. They usually come in a small kind of pot. You can use it with help of liner brush.


2 Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliners are always easy to apply for beginners.  It’s best used to line the waterline and also to create a smokey eye look cause pencil have more smudge and smear property.


3 Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is hard to apply but beautiful in looks once if you put it in a perfect way. It takes a steady hand but offers a precise, defined line. They come in two types of packaging, a thin long neck bottle with an extremely fine and precise dipping brush, and a marker type pen with a felt tip.


Now I told you about types of eyeliner, so now its time to proceed our step by step tutorial to get a perfect eyeliner look.

Things You Need for best Eyeliner Looks

Eyeliner (any type or any color of your choice) black I prefer



Tutorial- How to apply Liner Perfectly


This is a basic step, all you need to do is clean your face with wipes or cleanser you prefer than apply a moisturizer on your face and an eye cream around the eyes. The eye cream helps to remove wrinkles and evens out any redness or discoloration around the eye.


Step: 2

Now its time to apply a small amount of eye primer on the eyelid, under your eye area, and around the general eye region. Primer helps to make the skin smoother so it’s easy to apply makeup. This will give you a flawless finish and also keep your makeup perfect for a long time. Apply a concealer in the same way as the primer. Now blend it well and set it using a setting powder.


Step: 3


  1. Imagine a straight line from the outer corner of your eye to the very end making an angle with your eyebrows. The liner’s line has to be an extension of your lower lash line. Adjust the length according to your desired length of the wing.
  2. Now, place the point of the liner where this line ends and draw a line that flicks inward with a slight curve and extends the line to the inner corner of your eye.
  3. Now, fill up the gap until no skin peeps through from between the upper and the bottom line that forms your wing.
  4. Now you are all done with a perfect eyeliner look.

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