How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup Step By Step

Everybody like to create a smokey eye look that isn’t too rough but is a great combination of sexy and refined eyes. Here we have the Smokey eye makeup step by step tutorial that’s totally free of any rough lines – The Soft Smokey Eyes With Classic Trend. This light makeup focuses on your features in the blandest and exquisite ways to let you elegantly flaunt it on a party, a date night or a regular Casual day out in those fall and winter months. Let me explains to you the process of step-by-step instructions along with lovely visuals to help you forge these soft, gorgeous eyes.

Smokey Eye Make up Look

What You Need

  • Primer
  • Concealer
  • Black Eyeshadow
  • Brown Liner
  • Silver Eyeshadow
  • Smudge Brush
  • Eye Sweep Brush
  • Eye Shadow Brushes

How To Do Smokey Eyes Step By Step With Pictures

Step 1: Apply a thick coat of eyeliner, on a freshly concealed and primed eyelid. This will deliver the initial base for the smokey.

Step 2: Smudge it out into the crease and a little above it to make sure there aren’t any rough lines

Step 3: Blend it all out seamlessly and add more product if necessary.

Step 4: It’s time to bring in the black! Use either a metallic black eye pencil, Kohl, or a pigmented eyeshadow. Apply it to the eyelid.

Step 5: Blend it well, but don’t cross over the brown baseline we created earlier. Just create a smooth transition into it.

Step 6: Make your Baseline a little darker for a perfect look

Step 7: Run the black to the lower lash line as well, and smudge it out to bring together that smokey look.

Step 8: Apply some silver eyeshadow a little above the crease.

Step 9: Finish the look with mascara and fake lashes for that extra glam.

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