These Makeup tips will make you look more beautiful

Do this kind of makeup and look most different than others.

All the women can do makeup. But while doing makeup, most women make many such mistakes. Instead of appearing beautiful, they seem more awkward than before. Let’s know what is the right way to make-up

makeup girl

It is not possible to go to a parlor for every party, but if you get to know some unfinished tips of party makeup, then all the confusion will be solved in minutes.

Here we are telling you the tips that will work for every girl to look the most beautiful in the party

Do make-up like this

1. Use Concealer first to give the face a fresh and natural look. Use two sheds of the concealer for this. Place the light concealer near the eyes and apply the dark concealer to the rest of the face. Then apply the rest of the make-up.

2. If you want to sharpen the beauty of your face then always keep in mind that apply dark lipstick on your lips and do light makeup on your face.

3. To show your lips beautiful and bold, first, apply the concealer on your lips. After that, Make an outline over your lips with the lip liner of the same color of the lipstick that you are going to apply. This will make your lips look very attractive and your lipstick will last for a long time.

4. Your eyes are the identities of your face, so take care of them while doing make-up. First of all, prepare the base with the Foundation of Light Color. After this, apply the liner from top to bottom with a light gray color eyeliner pencil. Afterward, smudge it with the help of your fingers to get the smoky look. Finish your eye make up with adding a mascara.

5. To set the hair fast, apply the face cream in small amounts in your hairs to shine them. By doing this, your stereotyped hair looks right. If you want, you can set your hairs by putting serum or a gel too. Instead to make a new hairstyle, keep your hair open.


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