When and How often you should wash your hairs in a week

Washing your hair properly can make your hair stay beautiful and healthy for a long time.

When and how should you wash your hair?


Many times people have tried to know from Google that how many times we should wash our hairs in a week. Some people like to wash their hair every day. On the other hand, there are some people who don’t like to wash their hairs every day. They prefer to wash their hair twice a week. And so many people do conditioners their hairs every day. Well, there is no such rule for headwash. But your hair can remain beautiful and healthy for a long time if you wash them properly.

In case of thick and curly hair, they wouldn’t look lifeless if you do not wash them for a long time. But if you have light and thin hair, they seem lifeless if you don’t wash them for long periods of time. So it totally depends on your hair type that how and when you should have to wash your hairs. If your hair is curly then you do not have to wash it every day.


If your hair is oily then you can wash your hair twice a week. Washing your hair every day can make your hair harsh and lifeless. Washing the hair every day removes oil from your scalp and make your hair dry and lifeless. You can also use dry shampoo in oily hairs. Hair cleansing is important. By washing your hair at the right time and the right way, you can maintain your hair’s beauty for a long time.

Some time few tips and care can help a lot so here are some tips to follow while you go to wash your hairs.

Tips to do Shampoo

Before doing Shampoo try to steam up your hair

steamed your hair

The pores on your scalp are usually sealed with oil and dirt from pollution and dust. Steaming your hair actually help to cleans your pores. To do so, Use a hot water soaked towel to wrap around your head for 20 minutes before going into the shower.

Give a Quick Massage to your steamed Hair


To loosen up the dirt and root out the weak hair strands from your scalp, gently massage your scalp with your fingers for a few minutes after steaming your hair.

Wash your Hairs with cool or lukewarm water


Using hot water for hair wash can open your hair cuticles and strip off natural oils and allow to escape all the moisture from your hairs. while on the other hand, if you wash them using cool or lukewarm water it can help to close the cuticle and also help to lock in the moisture, and give you shiny and smoother hairs.

Use organic and paraben free shampoo


Nowadays the market is full of chemical shampoos which cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. They also cause severe eye damage in children sometimes. So, always try to use organic shampoos that are paraben and chemical-free.

Apply shampoo on Scalp only


We use shampoo to cleanse and remove the dirt, dead skin cells from your scalp. Applying shampoo on the full lengths of your hairs will only strip out its natural oils and make them dull and dry. So, when next time you do shampoo to your hairs use half amount of shampoo than your earlier use and massage it on your scalp and roots until it lathers up.

Massage your hairs with a gentle touch


To easily cleanse away the dirt from your scalp, gently massage your scalp with your fingers, moving in a circular motion. Massage will not only improve your blood circulation into your hair follicles but also helps in hair growth.

Don’t wash your hair daily

Yes washing your hair daily can make them extremely dry. so its best to wash your hairs twice or thrice in a week to maintain their moisture level and health.

Do not extend shampooing time


when your hair is wet they are in its most weakly state. So, most probably, you should shampoo and condition your hair within 15 minutes to keep damage and breakage level at the slightest.

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